Terms and Conditions

Revision 11/8/23


By registering for participation in a Proficiency Testing, Inc. (PTI) offered proficiency test, participants agree to the following requirements and conditions:

  1. Participants must follow all instructions. Complete instructions are provided in the test folder found in your participant portal.  This includes return packaging and handling instructions.  Failure to follow all instructions could lead to delay in receiving reports, unsatisfactory performance in the test or the participant being responsible for damage to the proficiency test kit.
  2. Your laboratory must have equipment capable of performing the measurements required.  Please contact PTI at 352-899-2064 with any questions prior to enrolling in the PT/ILC.
  3. All completed data entry forms must be uploaded electronically on the data entry sheet provided. No pdf forms.
  4. You must complete data entry forms ensuring the measurement data and uncertainty values are in the unit of measure indicated on the form. Inaccurate data entry may lead to failures on reports.
  5. Your laboratory agrees to pay for the repair or replacement of any proficiency test kit damaged while in your possession and control. Your remaining test balance will also be collected.
  6. Test kit items are not to be adjusted or altered in any manner. Adjustment will invalidate the entire test and affect all participants.  Failure to follow this condition will result in the participant laboratory to be held financially responsible for the cost of the artifact including calibration costs and up to $1000 in administrative fee to cover other participants deposit refunds.  Your remaining test balance will also be collected.
  7. All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the participant laboratory.
  8. Artifacts are shipped in protective containers or with special packing materials. The instructions will include directions for re-use of these materials. Failure to re-use the protective containers or materials to safeguard the PT artifacts may result in the participant being charged for any damages to the artifacts.  Paragraph 5 above may also be enforced.
  9. Artifacts are inspected for damage and photographic images made and stored at Proficiency Testing, Inc. Participants will be advised of damages.
  10. PTI test cycles are designed to allow your laboratory at least seven days at your facility to perform the testing and report results. Even with outliers, there is enough time to correct and retest.  Please contact PTI at 352-899-2064 if there are unforeseen circumstances delaying return of proficiency test kits.
  11. Our test scheme allows for the initial submission of data. In case of outliers, a $50.00 administrative fee is charged for each resubmission of data.
  12. The artifacts must be return shipped to 1448 W Schwartz Blvd., Lady Lake, FL 32159 before the final report is released.
  13. Participants are also required to email Proficiency Testing, Inc. the tracking number of the return shipment.
  14. A penalty of $100 per day will be charged to your credit card if the artifacts were not shipped as agreed and they arrive at PTI after the agreed test cycle.
  15. If a participant chooses to withdraw from a test within 60 days, the reservation fee of $100.00 will be forfeited.
  16. PTI will send the participant an email with the tracking number when the artifact is shipped. The participant is required to notify PTI if the artifact is not received on the scheduled date.
  17. The containers will be clearly marked to be delivered to the person that has been designated as the contact during the application process. The participant contact is required to unpack the artifact and inspect it for any damages. Upon discovery of any damages, the participant is to contact PTI immediately for further instructions.  Failure to notify PTI of any discrepancy in the PT/ILC kit will indicate participant has caused the discrepancy and will then be fully responsible for the discrepancy in the kit. Participants are asked to take photos of damage and be ready to share those with the PTI staff.
  18. There is a required deposit fee of $100.00 to reserve the desired test. The balance is due before we can ship the proficiency test items to your laboratory.
  19. The laboratory agrees to maintain confidentiality of results provided in the final report. Do not disclose the information to other participant laboratories. Breaches in confidentiality will be reported to the accrediting bodies of the laboratories involved or suspected.
  20. Laboratories are responsible for the validity of reported data and uncertainty calculations.