About Us

Your laboratory needs to participate in a proficiency test at least annually to satisfy your accrediting body’s requirements.  We want to make it easier for you.

It is the aim of Proficiency Testing, Inc. to provide the highest quality test artifacts to participating laboratories within a promised time frame.  We accomplish this by providing a 14-day calendar slot for each test that you  reserve in advance. Pick the test you want from the open time slots.  That time is yours and we’ll send you an email reminder two weeks prior to your test date and another with a tracking number when the artifact is on its way to you.

We offer multi-year test management.  We will work with you to plan and reserve the artifacts for the time frame you need.  We’ll notify you two weeks in advance of your reserved time slot to remind you.  And your reserved test artifact will arrive when you scheduled it. Promise!  If you need to schedule more than one test per year, we can help you with that as well.  Simply choose the tests you want to participate in, choose the dates that meet your needs and sit back.  We’ll do the rest.  You’ll have to do the test, of course, but we’ll do everything else.

We can also provide test programs for multi-site laboratories.  We’ll dedicate artifact groups to your laboratories.

Your preliminary results are made available within hours, not weeks, of your submission of data through a secure portal.

It is also our goal to expand our test offerings to meet your needs as well as meet the requirements of your accrediting body.  Let us know what you need using the Contact Us page.  We’ll work with you to set up a program that will add value to your laboratory.