Total Program Management

Total Program Management

Annual participation in proficiency tests is a requirement of your accrediting body. 

We offer Total Program Management.

Here’s what TPM will do for you.

      • Establish a plan including scheduled dates for the receipt of test artifacts.
      • This can be an annual plan or a multi-year plan if preferred.
      • Test artifacts and be scheduled in on our calendars in advance.
      • Emails will be sent approximately 30 days in advance of test artifact receipt.

These test documents will be uploaded to your secure portal.

      • Specific instructions for each test.
      • Instructions for free return handling.
      • Data Entry sheets.
      • All results will be available in your portal. No more searching.
      • Copies of Data Entry sheets.
      • PDF copies of all Preliminary and Final Reports.
      • A corrective action folder for outlier investigation.

An annual virtual meeting with one of our consultants.

      • We like to see and meet with our participants.
      • Discuss the appropriateness of your current plan.
      • See if we can do anything better.
      • Find out what tests you need us to offer.

Everything will be in one organized and managed site during your assessments.

And it’s free.

Contact us for more information.

Click here for Accrediting Body Requirements.