Causes for Outliers

What happened???

Occasionally, a laboratory might have an outlier on the preliminary report.   Mistakes can happen.  Our process is designed to allow you enough time to make corrections necessary for resubmittal of data.  If this should happen, contact us immediately so that we can provide another data entry sheet.  We encourage you to do a formal corrective action to show your assessor at your next assessment.


Here are some things you may want to investigate should you have an outlier.

  1. Follow measurement instructions carefully.
  • The measurement instructions may differ slightly from your usual practice.
  1. Enter data as illustrated in the instructions.
  • The calculations depend on accurate entry,
  1. Look for transposition of numbers on the data entry sheet.
  • It’s a good idea to check all entries before submission.
  1. Make sure the data entered is for the correct test item.
  • There are multiple test items or test points in each kit.
  1. Check the measurement uncertainty you have entered onto the data sheet.
  • Check the uncertainty is for the instrument used to perform the tests.
  1. Make sure you have taken measurements at the instructed test points.
  • If you’re too close to the lead thread or bottom or top of a ring gage.
  1. Worn leads or connections.
  • Check to make sure your electrical contacts are in good condition.
  1. Exercising the unit under test
  • Some instruments need to be exercised before taking readings.
  • Review torque measuring and pressure testing methods.