Our Process

  • All test instructions, data forms and reports are available in electronic form in your portal or via email to the primary contact only.
  • All tests start on a Monday and end Tuesday of the following week (Seven business days).
  • Select a test and review the calendar for availability.
  • Reserve your dates.
  • Your test instructions and other documentation will be loaded to your portal.
  • Upon receipt of the kit, prepare the artifacts as usual.
  • Perform calibrations as you normally do.
  • Submit the results through the portal or via email.
  • Receive your preliminary report, usually the same of submission.
  • If the preliminary report indicates no outliers, you’re done.
  • Return the kit and receive your final report upon payment of balance due and submission of the shipping tracer number.

      If you have outliers

  • Request another data submission form and perform a second test after correcting the cause.
  • Resubmit the new data for evaluation.
  • Upon receiving the successful preliminary report, your final report is available upon payment of balance due and return tracking information.