Thread Plug Gages

The primary purpose of this ILC/PT is to determine the appropriateness and effectiveness of the participant’s methods, procedures, training, and measurement uncertainty calculations relating to the measurement of thread set plug gauges

This program involves the measurement of the major diameter and pitch diameter of thread plug gages in the range 2 mm – 1.5 inches. Reference values are obtained by mechanical measurement including the 3-wire method for the pitch diameter.

The associated reference uncertainties are typically on the order of 30 – 100 μin. This program is suitable for participants who measure thread plug gages using similar methods, whose uncertainties are not significantly smaller than the typical reference uncertainties, and who calculate their uncertainties per the method of the ISO GUM.

This package consists of 6 thread plug gages and contains both inch and metric gages.

There are nine kits available for proficiency tests.  TPG-101 & TPG-102 & TPG-103 & TPG-107